Kremke Soul Wool

Kremke Soul Wool epitomizes wool for the soul! Each strand of Kremke Soul Wool embodies a dedication that transcends mere needlework – the delight of meticulously planning, developing, and experimenting with extraordinary yarns not commonly found in the market.

The yarn narrates a tale of environmental consideration, responsible resource usage, and a steadfast commitment to sustainable practices. All yarns are inherently mulesing-free, and adherence to the Responsible Mohair Standard (RMS) ensures the welfare of mohair goats. For those preferring non-animal fibers, there are ample vegan alternatives, including a selection of recycled yarns.

The diversity of Kremke Soul Wool yarns emerges from the playful exploration of textures, colors, and materials. Deliberately crafted with heart and soul, these yarns echo the essence of the knitted items born from them.