About us

The brand Kremke Soul Wool was founded by Britta and Carsten Kremke. Britta knits since she was 8 (at that time in her mother's yarn store in Hamburg) and at the age of 21 she was Germanys youngest yarn store owner. This was at the beginning of the eighties. Her husband Carsten is a business engineer and marketing consultant. He is responsible for everything around figures in their company.

At first they wanted to call their brand Kremke Slow Wool, similar to Slow Food, where everything is about enjoyment and not just about being full. Because their range only comprises yarns that are a delight to knit with. Finger-thick yarns for a fast result or yarns with a lot of synthetic fibre will never find the way into the Kremke range. Their typical yarns are rather fine, soft, highest quality natural fibres at reasonable prices. Each yarn has its own character without being "fancy". That is why in the end they decided to go for Kremke Soul Wool - yarns that have a soul and that treat your soul.