Plain Cashmere

Material: 100% cashmere
Yardage: 150m/25g
Needle: 2-3 mm
Gauge: 24 = 10 cm
Material Consumption for women's jumper size M: 300g
Hand wash or gentle mode 30C
Tumble dry for 30 minutes at 80C
Attention: Cashmere wool tends to grow after washing. Please wash your swatch before measuring.

Cashmere is one of the softest, finest fibers in the world. The hair of the cashmere goat is 15 - 19 Microns - the lower the Micron count, the finer the single hair and the softer the yarn.

Our Plain Cashmere is a carded yarn and with 16.5 Microns it is one of the finest cashmere yarns in the hand knitting industry.

As opposed to combed yarns, carded yarns have more volume and are thus lighter. Experienced knitters love carded yarns especially because the knitted garment looks kind of blurry and the yarn is perfectly suitable for Fair-Isle-Knitting.
The most exclusive fashion brands in the world source the yarn for their cashmere knitwear from our supplier. You can hardly beat this yarn with regards to softness.

And the color palette really convinced us with the slightly marled, muted, timeless colors.

And this rare beauty needs a little bit of extra attention: Due to the fact that this yarn is spun for industrial knitting, we receive it slightly waxed on cones. We wind the precious yarn to hanks, which we carefully wash and dry. Nevertheless a little bit of grease stays in the yarn. We recommend to wash the final garments in gentle mode at 30C and later put it into the tumble dryer at 80C for appr. 30 minutes. The result is a fluffy miracle that you never want to take off again.

Please note: you can order a knitted swatch for your store from us which is already treated in the correct way to give you an idea of the incredible softness of the final result after washing and tumble drying the knitted garment.