Llama Soft Sale Colors

Soft, softer, Baby Llama! Those of you, who recall BC Garn MANU will know, what kind of yarn we are talking about here. This losely spun super extra wonderful soft snuggle yarn has been improved now. With a special combing technique of our supplier, this new version of Lama yarn is less prone to pilling because the short fibres, that cause this unpleasant effect, are filtered. Our Llama Soft is called "Cashmere of the Andes" because it has only 20 Micron (this is the unit in which you measure the fineness of animal hair) and when you touch it, you will know why. For your reference a very fine and soft Babyalpaca has 21/22 Micron.

According to research by the Owari Textile Technology Center in Japan, where Alpaca fibers where compared to Lama fibers, they found out that the inner diameter of Lama hair is bigger, which causes an even better insulation. Lamas belong to the same family of Camelides as Alpaca, but are much lower in number. They roam freely and are only gathered for sheering.

The sheering is implemented gently and carefully, not only to protect the animals but also for simple economic reason: The most precious, fine hair grows directly on the skin of the animal, in the undercoat. If you hurt the skin, you reduce the harvest of this precious fiber. "Our animals are our capital that we treat with love and respect", is the statement of the Lama farmers.

Llama Soft is the perfect yarn for hats and scarves. It still remains a bit delicate due to the fine fibers and therefore is not so suitable for hard-wearing garments. Tipp: Don't knit too losely in order to enjoy your garment as long as possible.